Odily Alvarenga - Miss Earth Honduras 2012 Profile

Miss Earth 2012 Honduras Odily Alvarenga

Odily Alvarenga

Miss Earth Honduras 2012

Age: 23
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 109lbs.
Vital Stats: 35"-24"-35"
Hometown: San Pedro Sula
Profession: Administrations Manager


What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?
I mind continue supporting and working with my foundation to promote awareness and creating ways to save mother earth.

What makes you proud of your country and what can you promote about it?
I'm very proud to be a Honduran. Honduras is the heart of Central America we are rich in flora and fauna. We have beautiful beaches and our country is very united in our political values and tradition This year marks our Mayan heritage that we share with Guatemala whose civilization started here in Honduras.

Describe your childhood/growing years:
From my 8 years of age while I was in school I was a very active girl. I would always be the leader in the classroom. After school I would attend ballet, theater and painting classes. I did many plays in all the theaters in town and also participated in many pageants while I was still young. At my school I was a beauty queen for four years straight. In that school we always did community work for the society and we had a class with goals to care for our environment and to plant around our nation parks. I would always assist church every Sunday with my family and never forget to have family trips with my cousins, aunts and uncles. I would have to say I had a really good childhood, for I enjoyed spending time with my family and doing many activities that I enjoyed.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
I definitely learned that your childhood influences your adult life. The good moments with your family make you cherish those special moments. I also grew up to learn to love others for their qualities despite their downfalls. I learned to listen and respect what others have to say but also to not let those drown my own voice. Because I have a big family I learned to share and to live among others in peace while not putting aside my values which let me to be who I am today.

What is your most memorable moment?
They are several moments in my life that have made a mark but of them all I would have to say the most memorable moments was when my little sister was born. To see a new life come into your family has no words to explain that feeling. I thank God for allowing me to experience that bundle of joy which I could definitely say is something worth living for.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose it?
I have a degree in Marketing and International business and I'm currently a Manager of TEXACO, an international cooperation. I have many people under my lead and all personnel are women which to me has been a great experience because it has made a big impact in the society of the Honduran people- by having young women managing a big company, and by having accomplished what was expected of us despite being women because my country still has not completely accepted women to have high ranks. I chose to be in the business environment because I find it to be a very active, dynamic and creative place where I can always be around people which is something that delights me. My satisfaction is when my ideas can contribute to the benefit of the company I work for.

What tip can you share to promote sustainable energy for all?
First of all I would let the people know the bare truth of how we are killing our world and that we need to take care of our planet. Because of our own selfishness and our needs we are tearing it down. We need to instill values in our children that they may learn to take care of our world by saving our water supplies and not littering, etc. Most importantly we need to act them out in our lives to set example to them so we can be assured that our future generations will not perish because of neglecting our "EARTH".

Other information that you would like to share with the Miss Earth Management:
There are many things I would like to share and from my heart but what I really want to say is that I'm very happy to be here first of all, sharing a little of who I am, where I come from and most of all to be representing my lovely country Honduras and there is nothing that would make me happier than to become the next MISS EARTH 2012. That would fill my country with great pride and joy, and it would become my dream come true.

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"To God be the Glory".