BIO: Tereza Chlebovska (Czech Republic) - Miss Universe 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Profile Czech Republic Tereza Chlebovska

Miss Universe Czech Republic 2012

Tereza Chlebovska

22 year old Tereza is passionate about life involves music because she is an avid singer, who also enjoys dancing, and playing the piano. She is also fond of playing volleyball and other sports with her family. She is currently a student taking up Music at the University Ostrava. One day she hopes to achieve her dreams of becoming a TV personality, singer, or model.

This beauty standing 5'8" tall is from Tremesne where she is proudly once saved a man in a wheelchair from oncoming traffic. She also have a pleasant childhood experience growing up.

A chocolate lover, Chlebovska if possible would meet Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

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    "To God be the Glory".