BIO: Karina Gonzalez (Mexico) - Miss Universe 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Profile Mexico Karina Gonzalez

Miss Universe Mexico 2012

Karina Gonzalez

Grew up with her grandmother and cousins in Aguascalientes City, 5'9.5" tall Karina who enjoys modelling hopes to become a famous and esteemed architect, so she can improve construction from an ecological standpoint.

The 21 year old beauty recently has taken up water-skiing as a new hobby. She is fond of collecting Rosary Beads because it remind her of her grandmom, yet she makes sure to set time aside and relax.

Gonzalez have learned to appreciate all the things that she have. This has made her a better person because and it reminds her how important it is to help others.

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    "To God be the Glory".