BIO: Dulcita Lynn Lieggi (Dominican Republic) - Miss Universe 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Profile Dominican Republic Dulcita Lynn Lieggi

Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2012

Dulcita Lynn Lieggi

A huge fan of both Charlie Chaplin and Lucille Ball, Dulcita has a passion in acting and has a big collection of movies. She also she enjoys writing web-articles and watching movies. Although born in Santo Domingo, she spent her childhood in several different places, including Italy and upstate New York. Because of her strong interest in film, she is planning on going back to school to study production so she can be familiar with both sides of the camera.

This beauty adores Lady Gaga's individuality and confidence despite being bullied when younger. She believes that staying true to who you are and believing in yourself no matter what is the most valuable lesson she had learned.

23 year old Lieggi previously competed in Miss Italia nel Mondo pageant twice. First is on 2009 where she represented Caribbean region. And second was on 2011 where she compete for the Dominican Republic.

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