Miss Intercontinental 2012 Official Candidates

Miss Intercontinental 2011 Jessica Hartman

The Miss Intercontinental 2012 pageant celebrating it's 41st year will take place on November 23 at the Eurogress Convention Center in Aachen, Germany.

Hosting the event were Patrick Urban and Khadra Sufi. Invited guests artists were tenor Cristian Lanza and the Soul Legend Keith Tynes.

The distinguish panel of judges who will decide on the fate of the contestants were as follows: Kai Noll (Actor); Natalie Horler (Singer & Television Presenter); Dr. Yasar Sarigul (Author & Plastic Surgeon); Turkay Yegenoglu (Legal Advisor / Consultant); Keith Tynes (Singer); Jessica Hartman (Miss Intercontinental 2011); Max Claus (Actor); Hans Jurgen Strunck (Director of Casino Aachen); Manuel "Diamond Boy" Charr (Professional Boxer);

The reigning queen, Jessica Hartman (photo above) from USA will crown her successor at the end of the competition.


Miss Intercontinental 2012 Australia Martina Obtulovic
Martina Obtulovic
Age: 18
Languages: English, Slovak
Profession: Model and Entertainment Host
Hobby: Reading, Travelling

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Belgium Laetitia Wastyn
Laetitia Wastyn
Age: 20
Languages: Dutch, French, Spanish, English, German
Profession: Student of Language and Literature
Hobby: Cooking

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Bolivia
Mariana Garcia Mariaca
Age: 24
Languages: Spanish, English
Profession: Student & Model
Hobby: Reading Novels, Movies, Sightseeing

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Bonaire Saphira Janga
Saphira Janga
Age: 22
Languages: Papiamentu, English, Dutch, Spanish
Profession: Nurse
Hobby: Dancing

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Bosnia and Herzegovina Semina Obradovic
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Semina Obradovic
Age: 19
Languages: Bosnian, English, Swedish
Profession: Student (Graduate High School)
Hobby: Photography, my friends, Gym

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Brazil Priscilla Martins
Priscilla Martins
Age: 22
Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese
Profession: Student and Model
Hobby: Reading, Surfing Internet, Listen to Music

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Canada Kesiah Kathleen Liane Papasin
Kesiah Kathleen Liane Papasin
Age: 21
Languages: English
Profession: Student of Health
Hobby: Reading, Swimming and Dancing

Miss Intercontinental 2012 China Wen Xiao Jing
Wen Xiao Jing
Age: 25
Languages: English, Chinese
Profession: Student (Master)
Hobby: Keeping Pets, Travelling

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Colombia Ana Melissa Cano Rey
Ana Melissa Cano Rey
Age: 22
Languages: Spanish, English
Profession: Student of Marketing and Advertising
Hobby: Dancing, Movies, Table Tennis

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Costa Rica Marian Natasha Sibaja Burmudez
Costa Rica
Marian Natasha Sibaja Burmudez
Age: 22
Languages: Spanish
Profession: Student of Medicine
Hobby: Painting, Listen to Music, Reading

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Curacao Stephanie Chang
Stephanie Chang
Age: 20
Languages: Papiamentu, Dutch, Spanish, English
Profession: Manager
Hobby: Flamenco Dancing, Horseback Riding

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Denmark Iben Juel Nielsen
Iben Juel Nielsen
Age: 20
Languages: Danish, English
Profession: Model and disability worker
Hobby: Travelling, Horseback Riding

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Dominican Republic Nayelin Aquino
Dominican Republic
Nayelin Aquino
Age: 23
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Profession: Student Civil Engineering
Hobby: Reading, Dancing, Gym

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Egypt Fatma Ahmed Fouda
Fatma Ahmed Fouda
Age: 21
Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic
Profession: Student of Tourism and Model
Hobby: Drawing, Internet

Miss Intercontinental 2012 England Laura Ashfield
Laura Ashfield
Age: 25
Languages: English
Profession: Dancer, Teacher und Model
Hobby: Dancing, Travelling

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Ethiopia Melkam Endale
Melkam Endale
Age: 21
Languages: English
Profession: College Student
Hobby: Reading, Cooking

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Georgia Nino Makharadze
Nino Makharadze
Age: 21
Languages: Russian, French, English
Profession: Student, Model
Hobby: Playing Piano, Singing, Reading

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Germany Susan Henry
Susan Henry
Age: 21
Languages: German, English
Profession: Miss Deutschland
Hobby: Reading, Travelling, Singing

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Guadeloupe Stephie Emilien Moussa
Stephie Emilien Moussa
Age: 20
Languages: French, English
Profession: Student of Economy and Management
Hobby: Fashion, Dancing, Reading

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Hungary Emerencia Bencsik
Emerencia Bencsik
Age: 24
Languages: Hungarian, English
Profession: Selfemployed
Hobby: Travelling, Shooting

Miss Intercontinental 2012 India Bobby Layal
Bobby Layal
Age: 22
Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali
Profession: Graduate in Business Administration, Singer & Video Director
Hobby: Singing, Dancing

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Ireland Alana McDonnell
Alana McDonnell
Age: 18
Languages: English, Irish, French
Profession: Student of Counselling and Psycotherapy
Hobby: Reading, Socialising, Walking

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Japan Nanami Tsuyama
Nanami Tsuyama
Age: 27
Languages: Japanese, English
Profession: English Teacher and Dance Instructor
Hobby: Reading Novels, Travelling

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Latvia Diana Kubasova
Diana Kubasova
Age: 23
Languages: Latvian, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese
Profession: Model, Actress, Business Woman, Designer
Hobby: Sewing, Cooking, Travelling, Reading, Diving

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Lebanon Jeanne Marie Konsol
Jeanne Marie Konsol
Age: 22
Languages: English, Arabic, French
Profession: Student of Audiovisual Science and Model
Hobby: Scuba Diving, Sky Diving

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Macedonia Ana Tanchevska
Ana Tanchevska
Age: 18
Languages: Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, English
Profession: Student and Model
Hobby: Drawing, Internet, Music

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Malta Janica Camilleri
Janica Camilleri
Age: 23
Languages: Maltese, Italian, English
Profession: Teacher
Hobby: Dancing, Socialising, Reading Magazins

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Mauritius Ameeksha Devi Dilchard
Ameeksha Devi Dilchard
Age: 25
Languages: English, French
Profession: Law Degree Holder, Practising the Bar Vocational Course
Hobby: Dancing, Gardening, Cooking

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Mexico Mittzy Ruschke
Mittzy Ruschke
Age: 19
Languages: Spanish, English
Profession: Student of Cosmetology
Hobby: Swimming, Surfing

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Netherlands Laury Vogelzang
Laury Vogelzang
Age: 18
Languages: Dutch, English
Hobby: Karate

Miss Intercontinental 2012 New Zealand Avianca Bohm
New Zealand
Avianca Bohm
Age: 22
Languages: English, Afrikaans
Profession: Student of Fashion Design
Hobby: Sewing

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Nigeria Uzoma Cynthia Anayaoku
Uzoma Cynthia Anayaoku
Age: 21

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Norway Melissa A. Mindaas-Tysse
Melissa A. Mindaas-Tysse
Age: 23
Languages: Norwegian, English, Spanish
Profession: Student of Middle East at the Faculty of Humanities
Hobby: Hiking, Salsa Dance, Spending time with my Family

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Panama Astrid Caballero
Astrid Caballero
Age: 21
Languages: Spanish
Profession: Student Interior Design + Model
Hobby: Swimming

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Paraguay Claudia Kohl Gruzmann
Claudia Kohl Gruzmann
Age: 18
Languages: Spanish
Profession: Student
Hobby: Dancing, Listening to Music

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Philippines Camille Guevara
Camille Guevara
Age: 20
Languages: English, Filipino
Profession: Graduating Tourism Student
Hobby: Cooking, Chess

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Poland Anna Kowalska
Anna Kowalska
Languages: English, Polish
Profession: Student of Technical University of Lodz
Hobby: Fitness, Travelling

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Portugal Indira Ferreira
Indira Ferreira
Age: 21
Languages: Portuguese, English
Profession: Student of accounting and management
Hobby: Watching Movies, Reading and Photography

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Puerto Rico Genesis MariaDavilo Perez
Puerto Rico
Genesis MariaDavilo Perez
Age: 19
Languages: Spanish, English
Profession: Model & Student
Hobby: Listening to Music, Going to the Beach

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Romania Sinziana Sirghi
Sinziana Sirghi
Age: 18
Languages: English, Romanian, German
Profession: Student 12 Grade
Hobby: Modelling, Reading, Traveling

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Russia Valeriya Kirilenko
Valeriya Kirilenko
Age: 24
Languages: Russia, English, French
Profession: Marketing
Hobby: Yoga, Singing, Drawing

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Scotland Sarah Pitt
Sarah Pitt
Age: 25
Languages: English
Profession: BA Hons Marketing graduate, Currently working for an international marketing company
Hobby: Art and design, Singing: classical and musical

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Singapore Daphne Ashok Lakhiani
Daphne Ashok Lakhiani
Age: 26
Languages: English, Malay
Profession: Student of Biomedical Science
Hobby: Dancing, Kickboxing

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Slovakia Alexandra Klimelova
Alexandra Klimelova
Age: 23
Languages: Slovakian, Croatian, German, English
Profession: Student
Hobby: Jogging, Inline Scating and Dancing

Miss Intercontinental 2012 South Africa Roxanne Amy Zeller
South Africa
Roxanne Amy Zeller
Age: 18
Languages: English, German, Afrikaans
Profession: Student of Psychology
Hobby: Modelling

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Spain Miriam Ruiz Lopez
Miriam Ruiz Lopez
Age: 21
Languages: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, English
Profession: Profesional Model & Student Superior Architecture
Hobby: Drawing, Painting, Reading, Travelling

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Sri Lanka Anupama Wanaguru
Sri Lanka
Anupama Wanaguru
Age: 24
Languages: English, Sinhala
Profession: Flight Attendant
Hobby: Making Yoghurts, Reading, Volunteering Work, Singing

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Sweden Kristina Glenn
Kristina Glenn
Age: 21
Languages: Swedish & English
Profession: Model & Shop Assistant
Hobby: Charities, Reading, Writing, Baking

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Taiwan Cinzia Chang
Cinzia Chang
Age: 20
Languages: Mandarin, English, Turkish
Profession: Student of Turkish Language and Literature
Hobby: Reading, Languages, Listening to Music

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Thailand Natthida Pekkhad
Natthida Pekkhad
Age: 24
Languages: Thai, English
Profession: Radio Host, Model & Actress
Hobby: Drawing, Listening to Music

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Turkey Betul Agabeyoglu
Betul Agabeyoglu
Age: 17
Languages: Turkish, German
Profession: Hairdresser (Trainee)
Hobby: Shopping, Jogging

Miss Intercontinental 2012 Ukraine Tetiana Kozak
Tetiana Kozak
Age: 19
Languages: Ukrainian, English
Profession: Student & Model
Hobby: Traveling, Chess, Knitting

Miss Intercontinental 2012 USA Melissa Novak
Melissa Novak
Age: 19
Languages: English
Profession: Student Nutrition major and Dance Teacher
Hobby: Bikram Yoga, Running, Modeling, Dance
Miss Intercontinental 2012 Venezuela Daniela Chalbaud
Daniela Chalbaud
Age: 21
Languages: Spanish, English
Profession: Student of Languages & Model
Hobby: Hiking, Surfing
Miss Intercontinental 2012 Wales Christi Janae Neveling
Christi Janae Neveling
Age: 18
Languages: English, Afrikaans
Profession: Student of Psychology, Law and Health
Hobby: Dancing, modern & contemporary, Classical Ballet and Surfing

* Venezuela emerged as Miss Intercontinental 2012


"To God be the Glory".