Anastasiya Sienina | Miss Crimea Earth 2010

miss earth 2010 crimea anastasiya sienina

Miss Earth 2010 Beauty Pageant

Miss Crimea
Anastasiya Sienina

Age: 20
Height: 179 cm.
Weight: 57 kilos
Measurements: 91-64-91
Hometown: Simferopol

Education has always been very important to me. My family paid great attention to self-development. My ambition is to have self-realization, to bring happiness to the world and make at least one man truly happy.

What is your attitude towards success and failure?

Failures and mistakes – like a new experience for you, you should understand the reasons , why it has happened so and you make special conclusions – why it happened. And success gives one more stimuli to go forward.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?

In childhood, I was going in for rhythmic gymnastic and all my free time I had devoted to sports. Since childhood, it has always been sports. My first victory, my first gold medal. It gives me this amazing feeling of strength. You can't compare with anything. You feel you are a winner and a real hero. Of course, there are are also failures but they are always easily forgotten, like a short unpleasant moment.

What is your most memorable moment?

My childhood was devoted to sports and the sad and happy moments have made me only stronger and confident. My first failures , my first tears made me only believe more in myself. Sports was a big part of my childhood and my memories are always connected with rhythmic gymnastics.

What is your environmental advocacy?

Development of Hybrid Cars. Because one of the problems causing air pollution comes from the exhaust of our cars today.

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