Thalia Al-Jawhar - Miss Earth New Zealand 2010 Delegate

Miss Earth New Zealand 2010 Beauty Pageant

Thalia Al-Jawhar


Hello beautiful New Zealand, my name is Thalia Al–Jawhar. I am 22 years of age and come from the beautiful City of Sails.

Currently I am a part time model. I am a passionate, down to earth, optimistic, kind and enthusiastic woman who likes to set goals and achieve those goals to the best of my ability. I aspire to travel overseas to experience different cultures and to be able to have the opportunity to help people who are less fortunate then I am.

Beauty with a purpose ties in with my passion to help people, and I am proudly provided to carry the title of being Miss World New Zealand Beauty With a Purpose.

Currently my focus is to be able to be awarded Miss Earth New Zealand in order to continue to help charities and to ensure I am able to utilize my life to improve the quality of life to other people.


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"To God be the Glory".