Michyla Harry - Miss Earth New Zealand 2010 Delegate

Miss Earth New Zealand 2010 Beauty Pageant

Michyla Harry


It takes a confident woman to wear a bikini well, - And confidence is sexy... No matter what your size!" this is a saying I have always embraced. My name is Michyla Harry, and I am proud to come from a country that doesn't believe you have to be stick thin to be classified as beautiful.

Born to a solo mother, I was raised to be independent, to aim high, and work for what I wanted. These attributes have benefited me well in life, not only am I one of only 5 people in New Zealand history to have been moved up 2 years in our schooling system, I have also had the opportunity to represent our country in several sporting arenas. Having a karate sensei for a (step) father I was brought up to be disciplined, strong, respectful, and a quick thinker, coupled with a mother that reinforced the use of your brain over your looks, I became an enterprising and enthusiastic learner, whilst still being able to recognise my own weaknesses. These are all characteristics that I believe rank highly in someone that should be a role model for young woman in our country.

I consider myself to be an all round Kiwi girl, although I have the typical love for shoes a young woman has, I am not afraid to muck in, and get the job done. A perfectionist by nature, I like to think outside the box for ways to make things work, don't try to tell me I can't, or I will show you just how I CAN!


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"To God be the Glory".