Tegan Smith - Miss Earth New Zealand 2010 Delegate

Miss Earth New Zealand 2010 Beauty Pageant

Tegan Smith


Hi, My name is Tegan Smith and I am 25 years old. I live in Auckland where I work as an operations manager for a 3rd party logistics company. In my spare time I mentor a child through an organisation called pillars, which works for children with parents in jail. I also enjoy going to the gym, reading, sewing and renovating my own home, which I purchased earlier this year.

I have entered Miss Earth New Zealand 2010, as it has been my goal since I entered my first pageant at 14 to win a Miss New Zealand Title and represent New Zealand internationally.

Winning the title would mean a lot to me, as I would have achieved one of my long-term goals.(Plus it would be a great thing to tell the grandkids, 'I wasn't always this old and wrinkly, I used to be a beauty queen once. I was Miss New Zealand'.

I think I would make a great title holder because I am aware that it's a yearlong title. It doesn't just end once the international pageant is over. I know that because it's something I want and because it means something to me I wont give up half way through my reign. My work behind the scenes in pageants has shown me what is required of the winner in regards to meetings, charity work, appearances and input to future pageants so I am fully aware of what I would be getting myself into.


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