Jimena Navarette, Miss Universe 2010 in Posh Magazine

miss universe 2010 winner mexico ximena jimena navarette posh magazine

The reigning Miss Universe 2010, Miss Mexico, Ximena Navarette from Mexico appears in Posh Magazine Mexico.

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Playing her cards right: Jimena's gown, answers and Mexico's fulfilled wish.

The victory of Jimena Navarette may have cemented the status of Mexico in the world of beauty pageant but it has far reaching implications. Mexico for years had been bereft of either luck or clout such that, despite being home of so many beautiful women, it just struck the mother lode once in 1991 courtesy of Lupita Jones and now the National Director.

miss universe 2010 winner mexico ximena jimena navarette posh magazine

After Lupita’s victory, the road for Mexico towards the Miss Universe crown seems bumpy at best. In Miss Universe 1992, nobody would really expect Monica Zuñiga to repeat Lupita’s victory, and although Monica did not make the cut she was just a few notch away from Top 10.

In 1993, Mexicans felt the biggest injustice when the local girl Angelina Gonzalez did not make it to the semifinals. Angelina was actually tied to Miss Jamaica on the 12th spot! The overwhelmingly Mexican audience vented their frustration to Miss USA Kenya Moore. Miss Universe after all is an American pageant.

Faviola Perez Rovirosa is the representative of Mexico in 1994 and she is one of the early favorites. Unfortunately, she settled to 17th place! From 1995-2003, only Vanessa Guzman (Top 6 in 1996) and Silvia Salgado (Top 10 in 1999) had real chances in the crown. In 1996 especially when the hopes for the crown was at its all time high because the pageant was held in Las Vegas, a city where Lupita Jones had won! Throngs of Mexicans were present and their loud cheers allowed the world to know that they were there. Unfortunately, the crown went to a Venezuelan.

miss universe 2010 winner mexico ximena jimena navarette posh magazine

The year 1995-2003 was a period when several injustices had been noticed by pundits and observers. This is especially in the year of 2000 and 2003 when the Mexican representative was actually strong but failed to it to the semifinals! Then 2004 came, and Mexico started to become perennial semifinalists. The 2005 3rd runner-up finish of Laura Elizondo and the 4th runner-up finish of Elisa Najera in Miss Universe 2008 reinforced the beliefs of the many that Mexico will soon win the crown.

And then the storm arrived in 2008. Laura Zuñiga was arrested on a charge that connects her to crime syndicates (she was later absolved). Lupita Jones stripped her of her crown. Then rumors spread that Karla Carillo and Perla Beltran (Miss Mexico 2008 winners) are hardheaded and difficult to train. Lupita again came to discredit the ugly rumors.

It did not end in there of course. The non-placement of Karla Carillo at Miss Universe 2009 despite strong performance that sent, allegedly, Lupita fuming. And as if adding insult to injury (or the other way around) Perla Beltran was denied of a Miss World crown after she was beaten by Miss Gibraltar, Kaiane Aldorino. Many pageant observers and pundits called Miss World 2009 as the worst result ever in any major beauty pageant in recent memory.

miss universe 2010 winner mexico ximena jimena navarette posh magazine

That is why the victory of Jimena Navarette strikes as symbolic to the Mexican people. It was an assurance of Mexico’s status as home of beautiful women and a vindication of those Mexican beauties that were unjustly ignored or denied with a crown.

What makes Jimena stand out during the Miss Universe 2010 finals? For some critics, Jimena lacks the pizzazz but for some, she wowed the judges with her self-confidence and great ramping skills. Her red Benito Santos gown became a hit for it did literally standout in the stage. The sexy slit showed off her wonderful legs and the color did contrast in a blue-themed stage. And because of the train of the gown that she brilliantly fluttered, Jimena also gave an illusion that she flying when viewed from where the judges were sitting. Also notice that among the Top 10 finalists during the gown segment only Jimena used a strong color!

Jimena said in a pre-taped video during the gown competition that her gown somehow celebrates her country’s bicentenary. The little details provided some nationalistic flavor on Jemina’s get-up. Her earrings proudly showed off the colors of Mexican flag and the bracelet that Jimena used featured the eagle found in the country’s coat of arms. If those were lucky charms then they really worked!

The beautiful Nexus crown was however placed in Jimena’s head for her wonderful answer on the final Q&A round. Her answer emphasized family values and a need to balance between what the internet can provide and the harm that it can pose. It was an answer that reflects how Jimena truly values her family.

miss universe 2010 winner mexico ximena jimena navarette posh magazine

Indeed, the victory of Jimena is a welcome news to her country suffering from too much negativity. Jimena can also serve as an ambassador of goodwill between two neighboring nations – hers and the United States – at the time when the issue of immigration is being exacerbated by a controversial law in the state of Arizona. Jimena will truly the best face and form of Mexico to the world!


"To God be the Glory".