Hoang- Kim Cung (Texas) wins America's US Miss 2010

americas us miss 2010 winner hoang kim cung

19 year old Hoang-Kim Cung, a Vietnamese-American from Plano, Texas won the title of America's US Miss 2010, a national beauty pageant for all girls in the USA representing each state.

Cung Hoang Kim represented Texas as she was crowned Miss Texas 2010 earlier by America’s US Miss Scholarship Program organisation.

She has been a competitive figure skater for 11 years and recently won the silver medal at the 2010 InterCollegiate Nationals in Newark, Delaware. Now she works as a figure skating instructor at Allen Community Ice Rink where she can share her wisdom of skating with young children.

Growing up knowing she was culturally different from others, Hoang-Kim noticed that there needed to be a bridge between different cultures, or at least a way for different cultures to coexist without disrespecting the others. And thus she has created C.A.K.E., Cultural Awareness: Knowing & Empathizing. Through C.A.K.E., Hoang-Kim has been able to teach others about being aware of different cultures while living in the US, which she calls the salad bowl of the world rather than the melting pot. With the melting pot, Hoang-Kim says, you’re blending all different cultures into one American culture, which isn’t the goal. But, with a salad bowl, each culture is able to retain its own unique values and traditions, like how a tomato remains a tomato and a piece of lettuce remains that.

However, Hoang-Kim still finds time to be a normal college student. She loves reading and calls herself a self-proclaimed bookworm. She also enjoys listening to good classic rock such as The Doors or more current bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. In addition, she loves running multiple blogs on tumblr, spending time with family and friends, eating frozen yogurt, and driving around Downtown Dallas and West Village at night to see the city lights.

The America’s Miss Scholarship Pageant in St. Charles was a wonderful experience for Hoang-Kim. “I love America’s U.S. Miss because of the many areas of competition. Having a variety of different areas of competition makes sure the girl who is chosen is well rounded. The stage and lights make everything seem like a dream and strutting your stuff to some of your favorite songs is always a plus!”

americas us miss 2010 winner hoang kim cungamericas us miss 2010 winner hoang kim cungamericas us miss 2010 winner hoang kim cungamericas us miss 2010 winner hoang kim cung

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