Miss International Beauty Pageant 2008

Miss International Beauty Pageant 2008 Complete Coverage

The Miss International was formerly known as Miss International Beauty or The International Beauty Pageant. It was highly acclaimed to be one of the four biggest and grandest international beauty competitions in the world.

Since 1960, the first Miss International pageant was held in Long Beach, California until 1967. Then, it was moved in Japan in 1968-1970. It was moved back again in Long Beach in 1971 and 1972. Then on 1973 up to present, it was held most in Japan and some years in People's Republic of China.

The main theme of the pageant was to promote world peace, understanding and goodwill among nations. The delegates are not judged on physical beauty alone, they must serve as a "Ambassadors of Peace and Beauty", showcasing the benevolence, tenderness, beauty and intelligence, ability to take words and action publicly, and great international sensibility of a woman.

Many of pageant experts or enthusiast have described the Miss International as the most traditional beauty contest despite of our present modern day and age.


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