Teuira Napa - Miss Earth Costa Rica 2012 Profile

Miss Earth 2012 Costa Rica Fabiana Granados

Fabiana Granados

Miss Earth Costa Rica 2012

Age: 22
Height: 5'7.5"
Weight: 114lbs.
Vital Stats: Measurements: 34"-24"-35"
Hometown: Hojancha
Profession: Student
Notes: Queen of Police in Reinado Internacional del Cafe 2012; Top 6 in Miss Continente Americano 2012; 1st run-up in Miss Panamerican 2012


What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?
I will plant trees close to rivers, also I think its very important recollect the garbage and recycle them as possible. If many people would think in that way we will have a better world.

What makes you proud of your country and what can you promote about it?
I come from a country without armies so the resources are used for education for kids. We are friendly with the environment since Costa Rica is called a Green Country. Costa Rica ranks fifth worldwide in the classification of the Environmental Performance Index 2012 and the first among the countries in the Americas. The country's biodiversity attracts nature lovers from all over the world. National parks cover almost 12% of the country, and forest reserves and Indian reservations boost the protected land area to 27%. With only 0.03% of the global land surface, Costa Rica has approximately 6% of the biodiversity of our planet. It is the country with greatest biodiversity per square kilometer of territory Ecotourism is extremely popular with foreign tourists who visit the large number of national parks and protected areas that exist throughout the country. My country was a pioneer in ecotourism and is recognized as one of the few with real choices for nature. In Tourism Competitiveness Index ranking in Travel and Tourism 2009, Costa Rica peaked at 42, being ranked first among Latin American countries.

Describe your childhood/growing years:
My growing years were beautiful. I spent lot of time with my brothers. In school I met my life friends.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
Everybody has to work to get the success and learn from the failure. For each target you most have a positive mind and accept the results.

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"To God be the Glory".