Tatiana Torres - Miss Earth Ecuador 2012 Profile

Miss Earth 2012 Ecuador Tatiana Torres

Tatiana Torres

Miss Earth Ecuador 2012

Age: 25
Height: 5'7.5"
Hometown: Cuenca
Notes: International Queen of the Pacific 2012


What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?
I would like to promote a campaign to make people conscientious about energy usage and the importance of the resources that mother earth is giving us and how we can protect the different sources of energy. People around the world don’t know the alternative sources of energy so we continue using traditional sources as oil but we really can make a world change if we adopt different ways of renewable energy.

What makes you proud of your country and what can you promote about it?
Ecuador is a country with a huge biodiversity and I would like to promote our four regions, Sierra (highlands in the Andes), Costa (Coastal region), Oriente (Amazon region), and the Galapagos Islands which for me Ecuador is very important because the world can find in Ecuador the most beautiful views of different natural sites. I also would like to promote the snowy mountains and extreme sports that people do in different places around the country. Ecuador is one of the 5 most biodiverse countries in the World, but many people don’t know it. As Miss Earth Ecuador 2012 I am part of the international campaign of the national Ministry of Tourism, “Ecuador loves life” and I travelled through the country making a promotional video that shows Ecuadorian culture and natural biodiversity. This video will be broadcasted in several international TV stations as important as CNN. Being Ecuadorian makes me proud and to represent my country in Miss Earth pageant is a total privilege. In 2011 we won our very first crown of Miss Earth and Olga Alava has brought Ecuador’s name around the world, not only with her beauty and charisma, but for sure with her environmental work.

Describe your childhood/growing years:
My childhood was very funny because I really enjoyed playing with my friends. This part of my life was wonderful. I was a really happy child. In those years, I started competing in beauty pageants, I acquired self-confidence that influences every single activity of my present life. One of most important things in my life happened during my childhood, my mom got pregnant and my beautiful sister was born. She is the most important person in my life, I lived a lot of funny moments with her and my parents. Her name is Maria Emilia.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
I learned the principal values that my parents gave me. They always told me to be a good person in the future, and that family is the base of my life. I learned that the sky is the limit, and my dreams can come true always if I work hard to reach them. I had the opportunity to travel around my country and learned to love it, to respect my culture and traditions.

What is your most memorable moment?
My most memorable moment is when my younger sister was born, it was the best thing and I experienced emotions that I have never felt before. I really love my little sister. My parents always taught me that family is my base, and the base of the society, that’s why we are very close and always we support each other. We always support the family, in good things and bad things.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose it?
My environmental advocacy is “Preservation of Mother Earth for future generations” I choose this because we can make the big change if we only do our daily activities in a green way. Human beings have the power to make the difference and stop destroying our natural resources. If we want our kids to live in a healthy green world, we must work for it and do all our efforts to preserve our mother earth. Future generations must enjoy what we are enjoying now, must live in a healthy environment, must breath a clear air, must drink pure water. We cannot deny these wonderful opportunities to them. We are in charge of this planet.

What tip can you share to promote sustainable energy for all?
First of all, we need to communicate the correct message to world’s population. A clear message that encourages and convinces people to use alternative sources of energy. The majority of people around the world don’t know the different forms of sustainable energy and the efforts of NGOs and governments to increase the production of energy but in a harmless way. People must understand that these efforts can save the life of the planet. As a Public Relations student, I will definitely promote sustainable energy for all through social networks as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., where well-known people around the world communicate my message of changing traditional sources of energy to alternative ones.

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