Sara Kim - Miss Earth Korea 2012 Profile

Miss Earth 2012 Korea Sara Kim

Sara Kim

Miss Earth Korea 2012

Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 121lbs.
Vital Stats: 34"-24"-35"
Hometown: Seoul
Profession: Dancer


What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?
Every year, the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere change. This temperature increases every day and every year. Theory says global warming will raise sea level, and when the sea level rises it can affect our ecosystem. It could put many species in extinction, and eventually will affect food chain. In other words, global warming can bring huge disaster. Global warming is not a future problem; it is not our next generation’s problem. It is happening right now, and we have to stop it. According to scientists, the causes of global warming are mostly from human activities. Since the industrial age, we have produced enormous amount of carbon dioxide. Just like the project called “Save the Earth.” (STE) which is organized by various people who are determined to save the environment (they can be college students, businessmen, nurse or anyone), we can get together to promote the danger of global warming by making a video, presentation, documentary, and commercial. The problem is how to let the people know about this global issue. We can use SNS (Social Network Service), Facebook, and YouTube to spread the effects of global warming. When people learns how critical Global Warming is, I believe that they will think of this environmental issue before they burn a piece of paper or drive car.

What makes you proud of your country and what can you promote about it?
I would like to proudly promote Hangul or Korean alphabet to other countries. Hangul was created during the Joseon Dynasty in 1443. Hangul is an alphabet of 24 consonants and vowels. It was created by Sejong the Great. Before then, we did not have language, but we used Chinese characters borrowed from the Chinese. However, Sejong the Great had compassion for citizens, so he created our own language with many scholars. So I would like to promote excellence of Hangul.

Describe your childhood/growing years:
When I was in elementary school, I was an enthusiastic student. I did not appreciate other people’s assistance; I had to be the best in every academic category. I had learned writing, swimming, speech, debating, calligraphy, violin, piano, flute, basketball, painting, and modern dance. Some people might say that I did not have much freedom, but it was completely the opposite. I loved what I was doing and learning; they were my joy. Since I have absorbed myself diverse activities, I could decide my path at a young age. I choose to be a modern dancer, and later I became a youngest dancer of Korea National Contemporary Dance Company. Now, I can say that I am the best dancer of my age. I believe it was because as a child I was enthusiastic to be the best at everything.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?
I have learned the importance of community and the spirit teamwork. I was involved in many activities and had opportunities to communicate with other people. I became a very sociable person and very considerate of other people’s feelings and put them before me. Moreover, I learned that there is no easy way to earn pride. Like this famous musician, Maxim “No pain, no gain”, I had to practice two and a half months to learn the butterfly stroke and one month to memorize piano sonata No. 14 by Beethoven.

What is your most memorable moment?
I would like to say that my most memorable moment was when I traveled to Europe with my older sister. At that time, I was a university senior struggling to keep up with academic work and dance lessons. Then, I decided to visit my sister in Paris taking her master degree who traveled with me to France, Germany, Spain, and United Kingdom. During our travels, we bonded significantly and I learned the importance of my family.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose it?
Natural gas, coal, petroleum, and oil- do you know what is common among these? These are all non-renewable energy. According to scientists, there is not enough non-renewable energy to spend. We might have five more years or ten more years, but what about twenty years or thirty years from now? Imagine the life without cars, air conditioners, and computers. In order to solve this problem, we need to find an alternative resource of renewable energy. Renewable energy can be solar power, geothermal power, tidal power, and wind power. Some people might say that renewable energy costs lots of money to install. However, think of the solar car that does not need gas. How about television that is running via electricity created from wind power. Renewable energy has so much potential. Moreover, we can solve the problem of reliability of renewable energy by combining every country’s renewable resources. In other words, the entire world shares renewable energy. Since China has great winds, we install wind turbines. And since Japan is exposed to the Pacific Ring of Fire we can build thermal energy structures. I also think that every nation should pay flexible installation fees. If United States spends more energy than Russia, then United States should pay more beginning expense. Renewable energy might not be the best solution for alternative energy, but still we can step forward to use clean energy for our generations.

What tip can you share to promote sustainable energy for all?
First of all, renewable energy is unlimited. We can use as much we want, but only if we have saved enough. Second, it is clean energy. Non-renewable energy such as petroleum and gas creates carbon dioxide. However, sustainable energy is unpolluted. Third, sustainable energy has installation fees. We have to build solar panel to use solar power and turbines to use hydropower. Therefore, we should not stop looking for other alternative energy. Something that is more clean and abundant in resources.

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