Mrs. World 2011 winner is April Lufriu, Mrs. America

mrs. world 2011 winner america usa april lufriu
Mrs. America, April Lufriu won the coveted crown of Mrs. World 2011 during a pageant held in Orlando, Florida, USA last December 15.

The 1st run-up was Mrs. Peru, Silvia Cornejo who was a former Miss Tourism Queen International 2008. 2nd run-up was Mrs. Vietnam.

Completing the top 6 finalists were Mrs. Poland, Mrs. Russia and Mrs. Jordan, Jaclyn Stapp.


* Mrs. Korea, Song Jiyoun
* Mrs. Brazil, Katia Correa de Oliveira Rocha
* Mrs. France
* Mrs. Panama, Rissel Tristan
* Mrs. Hungary, Eszter Bartos
* Mrs. North America
* Mrs. Germany
* Mrs. Greece
* Mrs. Abkhazia, Nina Naydenova


* Mrs. Photogenic: Mrs. Spain
* Mrs. Congeniality: Mrs. Korea, Song Jiyoun
* Mrs. Fitness: Mrs. Netherlands, Nanda Lofvers
* Best in Costume: Mrs. Panama, Rissel Tristan
* Best in Original Costume: Mrs. China, Lily Pan
* Best in Whimsical Costume: Mrs. Macau


"To God be the Glory".