Miss Universe Pageant 2014

Miss Universe 2014 Exclusive Complete Coverage Report

The Miss Universe Pageant is perhaps the most celebrated beauty pageant of all times. It was highly acclaimed to be one of the 4 largest beauty contests in the world.

The pageant was founded by California clothing company Pacific Mills in 1952. It was first co-owned and organized by Kayser-Roth and then Gulf and Western Industries, then in 1996, it was bought by business tycoon, Donald Trump. In 1998, from the name Miss Universe Inc. it was changed to Miss Universe Organization as well as it's headquarters being moved from Long Beach California, to New York City.

The pageant's main slogan was "Redefined for Today". They are looking for the delegates who possess intelligence, well-mannered, cultured as well as modernized women. The winner, since it was managed by Trump is signed a one-year contract with the Organization, traveling nationwide and abroad promoting the public awareness of HIV/AIDS, control of diseases and world peace.

According to pageant experts, the Miss Universe is the only pageant which is going with the flow of our present age and time. They are looking nowadays for beautiful, model-like and has a good runway skill winners.


  • Venue: Fortaleza, Brazil (Old News)

  • Venue: Doral in Miami, Florida, USA (Confirmed)

  • Schedule of Events

  • Official Candidates: BATCH A-D | E-I | J-P | R-Z

  • Arrivals, Fittings & First Photoshoot

  • Welcome Party

  • Official Portraits: Evening Gown | Glamour Shots

  • Chinese Laundry Meet & Greet

  • Parade & Cultural Festival

  • Painting @ Romero Britto Gallery

  • National Gift Auction

  • Panel of Judges

  • Performers: Nick Jonas & Prince Royce

  • New Miss Universe Crown>

  • 63rd Miss Universe is Colombia!

    "To God be the Glory".