Miss Venezuela’s Daughter Will Attend Parent's Funeral

Miss Venezuela’s Daughter Will Attend Parent's Funeral

The now-orphaned daughter of former Miss Venezuela 2004 learned that her parents were murdered in a roadside attack. The girl’s family kept the devastating news from her as she recovered from her own gunshot wound from the tragic Jan. 6 suspected robbery that claimed both her parents’ lives.

The family of former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear and her ex-husband Thomas Henry Berry have told the pair’s daughter Maya, 5, on Jan. 9 that both parents were killed when they were shot on the side of a Venezuela highway on Jan. 6. As the family continues to grieve the sudden loss of Maya’s parents and plan the funeral, they revealed the little girl will be in attendance at the somber ceremony.

Poor Maya was told of her parents’ murder just as she left the hospital after getting shot in the leg during the shooting that killed her parents while they were having their car towed on the side of a Venezuela highway.

The young girl was understandably “bewildered” by the news, but she is expected to attend the funeral of her parents in Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, The Daily Mail reported.

Maya’s surviving family is grateful that she was able to survive the senseless shooting. “It’s a terrible tragedy what has happened to her and as long as we can give her time to recover we will be there for her,” Monica’s brother Ricardo told NTV24. “She’s taken a bullet to her leg and is injured,” he said Maya was treated at the hospital but luckily didn’t need surgery, reported The Daily Mail.

“We still don’t yet know whether Maya will remain in Caracas with us or go to Orlando to live with Monica’s parents,” Thomas Berry Sr. told the MailOnline. “We will discuss it with her family once the parents have been seen off properly. For the moment Maya is staying with some of Monica’s cousins in Caracas. The most important thing is that she is safe.”

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