Stephanie Vander Werf - Miss Panama 2012 Profile

Stephanie Vander Werf - Miss Panama Centro

Senorita Panama 2012 Profile

Age: 25

Height: 5'10"

Hometown: Panama City


Stephanie Vander Werf graduated in Advertising and Public Relations at Texas Christian University. She is a persistent woman, organized and hard working is a priority for her family. Her parents are her two great role models and inspiration. Her modeling career starter at the young age of fifteen, getting such a tremendous success nationally and internationally who promptly went on television screens and their own program, which remained in the air for a period of two years. Currently, except for some appearances in magazines, Stephanie is completely dedicated to manage the affairs of her family, Chain Restaurants "The Azador". An experience that has strengthened her personality and has led to grow as a person. Today, Stephanie Vander Werf takes a new way motivated by the desire to represent her country, participate in the Miss Panama 2012.


Señorita Senorita Miss Panama 2012 Panama Centro Stephanie Vander WerfSeñorita Senorita Miss Panama 2012 Panama Centro Stephanie Vander Werf


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"To God be the Glory".