Michelle Madrid Dudley - Miss Panama 2012 Profile

Michelle Madrid Dudley - Miss Darien

Senorita Panama 2012 Profile

Age: 21

Height: 5'8"

Hometown: Panama City


Michelle Madrid Dudley defined herself as honest, confident and quiet, but above all, serious to her studies. At 18, recently just finished high school at Colegio Bilingue de Cerro Viento taking up a Bachelor of Science with Emphasis in Accounting, and confesses he has been so focused on acquiring higher qualifications has cast aside many other things he would have liked to do, however, Miss Panama 2012, not one of them. Before starting her medical studies at the National University, Michelle Madrid has decided to pursue this dream and be a finalist in the Miss Panama 2012 pageant.


Señorita Senorita Miss Panama 2012 Darien Michelle Madrid DudleySeñorita Senorita Miss Panama 2012 Darien Michelle Madrid Dudley


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"To God be the Glory".