Senorita Panama 2012 Official Finalists

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Miss Panama 2012 or locally called as Señorita Panama 2012 pageant celebrating it's 45th year will be held on March 30 at the Riu Plaza Panama Hotel in Panama City and be broadcast live by Telemetro.

The new winner will be crowned by Sheldry Saez (photo above). She will also represent the country in Miss Universe 2012 later this year.

Winner of Miss Panama World title will enter the Miss World 2012 pageant on August 18 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia in China.

Miss Panama International titleholder will compete in Miss International 2012 to take place on November in Tokyo, Japan.

And finally, the winner of Miss Panama Earth will go to the Miss Earth 2012 competition to be held on December in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam.

Meet the 12 Official Candidates of Miss Panama 2012:

Miss Señorita Panama 2012 Centro Stephanie Vander Werf
Senorita Panama Centro
Stephanie Vander Werf

Miss Señorita Panama 2012 Cocle Ana Lorena Ibañez
Senorita Cocle
Ana Lorena Ibanez

Miss Señorita Panama 2012 Este Heidy Choy
Senorita Panama Este
Heidy Choy

Miss Señorita Panama 2012 Darien Michelle Madrid Dudley
Senorita Darien
Michelle Madrid Dudley

Miss Señorita Panama 2012 Los Santos Milagros Ramos
Senorita Los Santos
Milagros Ramos

Miss Señorita Panama 2012 Veraguas Astrid Caballero
Senorita Veraguas
Astrid Caballero

Miss Señorita Panama 2012 Chiriqui Karen Jordan
Senorita Chiriqui
Karen Jordan

Miss Señorita Panama 2012 Oeste Elissa Estrada
Senorita Panama Oeste
Elissa Estrada

Miss Señorita Panama 2012 Chiriqui Occidente Nabil Gonzalez
Senorita Chiriqui Occidente
Nabil Gonzalez
Miss Señorita Panama 2012 Colon Natalia Tamayo
Senorita Colon
Natalia Tamayo
Miss Señorita Panama 2012 Herrera Yinela Yero
Senorita Herrera
Yinela Yero
Miss Señorita Panama 2012 Bocas del Toro Maricely Gonzalez
Senorita Bocas del Toro
Maricely Gonzalez

* Miss Panama 2012 winner is...


"To God be the Glory".