Preliminary Competition Review (Part 2) - Miss Universe 2011

The Presentation Show or Preliminary Competition of Miss Universe 2011 was held on September 8 at the Credit Card hall.

Here is Universal Queen's special review on the candidates that caught our attention:

Swimsuit Competition

* ALBANIA looked stunning and has a sexy and flirty kind of walking.

* ANGOLA and ARGENTINA is so finesse and poised.

* AUSTRALIA has a captivating face and a great walk.

* BAHAMAS and CHILE showed full or energy and fun to be watched.

* BOLIVIA and BRAZIL (one of the most applauded) has a great catwalk skills and turns, and has nice hair.

* BOTSWANA is very stiff and timid. She need more energy.

* Both CAYMAN ISLANDS and COSTA RICA have great stage presence.

* CHINA looked tall, very sexy and poised.

* COLOMBIA is very charming on stage, got flirty walk, but needs a bit of energy.

* Stunningly looking tall, CURACAO has a nice skin complexion and nice walk.

* DOMINICAN REPUBLIC has a lot of poise and great turns.

* EGYPT, GERMANY and INDIA looks stiffed and nervous on stage. But all look gorgeous and sexy.

* EL SALVADOR has a messy hair and looked like older.

* GREECE looked tall, has a beautiful face but walked lousy and ungraceful.

* GUATEMALA has a nice flowing hair and has a sexy and flirty catwalk skills.

* ISRAEL is very charming, but same with JAMAICA, they need a little bit toning in the abs.

* JAPAN has a nice smile and stage presence.

* KOSOVO has a great hair and stunning face. She also have a sexy and fierce walk. She can pass as an Victoria's Secret model/angel.

* MALAYSIA oozing with confidence and fierceness.

* MAURITIUS looked so gorgeous, nice face. But a little bit nervous looking.

* MEXICO is very charming, nice face and body, and walked the runway with poise and sophistication.

* NEW ZEALAND have a porcelain-like skin. But her walk is a little awkward.

* Sexy PANAMA has a beautiful hair. And the crowd loves her.

* PERU has a captivating face, but lacks of energy.

* PHILIPPINES has a flirty walk and stunning face and smile.

* The Latina Goddess, PUERTO RICO. Nice hair and body.

* RUSSIA has a very beautiful face, but she needs more energy, fun and projection.

* SPAIN has a gorgeous body and a lot of charisma and sex appeal.

* TRINIDAD and TOBAGO walked fierce like a top model. Great body and hair.

* USA looks very thin, but has a great walk and stage presence.

* VENEZUELA is one of the most applauded by the audience, has a great hair and walk. She also has great stage presence and sex appeal.

* VIETNAM has beautiful skin and a lot of fun.



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