Preliminary Competition Review (Part 1) - Miss Universe 2011

The Presentation Show or Preliminary Competition of Miss Universe 2011 was held on September 8 at the Credit Card hall.

Here is Universal Queen's special review on the candidates that caught our attention:

Evening Gown Competition

* ALBANIA is walking too fast and not so graceful on stage, specially when she's holding the trail of her gown just like AUSTRALIA.

* ARUBA tripped a bit and that makes her "not-so-confident" walking.

* ANGOLA looks gorgeous like a "black barbie". CHILE, CHINA, CURACAO and DOMINICAN REPUBLIC looks sexy, fierce and shows a lot of elegance with their height advantage.

* Although the hometown girl, BRAZIL was kinda "booed" by the audience, but that didn't distract her. She walked on stage with fierceness and confidence matching her red flowing gown.

* COLOMBIA has great stage presence and a unique evening gown that really suites her.

* GHANA and ISRAEL needs thier hair to be styled in this portion. But thay carried out the gown well.

* GREECE looks like a Greek goddess, but walks too fast and lost gracefulness.

* HAITI, INDIA and NICARAGUA walked good and presentable.

* IRELAND and RUSSIA looks stunning but a bit stiff and timid. Same with the doll-liked KOREA.

* Wearing a short evening gown, ITALY looked sexy and has a great catwalk skill. The commentator said she hasn't any experience in modeling, but she can pass as a top model.

* KOSOVO looking like a barbie. She moves very regal and divine, although her gown didn't say that much, she did a great job.

* MALAYSIA wearing a simple gown. But it suites her, very elegant, has a good walk and charisma.

* MEXICO, PANAMA and PARGUAY has a nice hair styling, looked gorgeous and regal.

* PERU looked very beautiful and high class. Her gown also matches her personality.

* PHILIPPINES has a great smile and nice hair styling. Also PUERTO RICO, they have confidence and great stage presence.

* SINGAPORE looked sweet, and her height helped her to have a great stage presence.

* Looks like she's floating on air, SOUTH AFRICA has a good stage gliding skill. She also looks like an African princess.

* SPAIN looks gorgeous and walks sexy and flirty that match her daring gown.

* Didn't like much USA's hair style, but her and VENEZUELA, they walked very confident. And the choice of gown suites thier personality. They also walks like a supermodel.

- WORST GOWNS: BELGIUM (what's the concept); CANADA & KAZAKHSTAN (old stylish gowns); GERMANY; GUATEMALA; MONTENEGRO (very simple, not for pageant competition)


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