Carrie Prejean threatens walk-out on 'inappropriate' Larry King

Former Miss USA 2009 1st run-up and Miss California USA 2009, Carrie Prejean threatened to leave an interview with Larry King on Wednesday, going as far as removing her mic and sitting in silence on her satellite set in Washington. Prejean was on CNN’s Larry King Live to promote her new book, Still Standing, which she told King was for Americans who believe their beliefs are under attack and was written to address the double standard that she believes conservative women face from liberal media who “get away” with targeting them. After discussing the issues in the book, and whether she disclosed the solo sex tape she’d made as a teenager for her then-boyfriend to the pageant, which he said has a moral code (she pointed out to King that the tape had nothing to do with why she was fired, it was because she allegedly missed appearances and was difficult to work with), the subject turned to why she settled with the pageant when the issue of religious discrimination was so important to her. Prejean said she was not allowed to speak about the confidential mediation and agreement. King pressed her to explain why she couldn’t talk about her motive for the settlement, and she said he was being “inappropriate.”

Larry continued “inappropriate King Live” by going to a caller, at which point Prejean turned to someone off-camera and whispered “We’re gonna have to leave,” and began removing her mic so she could not hear the caller — a gay pageant fan from Detroit who wanted to know what advice she’d give gay friends who helped her achieve pageant success if they wanted to wed — or the host. “I think that you are being extremely inappropriate right now, and I’m about to leave your show,” Prejean said, as King tried to figure out what was happening. She eventually put her mic back on, and he cut to commercial. She said she threatened to leave because she was told she would not be taking calls from viewers.


"To God be the Glory".