Part 2: Miss Universe 2008 Review

The second round is the top 10 Evening Gown Competition. Again, the girls that stand out were Miss Venezuela, Miss Colombia, Miss Mexico and Miss Russia which gown reminds a lot of the gown wore by the dethroned Miss Universe 2002 from Russia Oxana Federova. Note that Miss USA falls on the stage, same as last year's Miss USA 2007 Rachel Smith. Miss Australia is one of the most stunning ladies that night but her evening gown didn't gave her much justice. She didn't carry the gown well. Miss Kosovo did well on this round but it didn't make her advance on the next round.

After the Evening Gown Competition, the 5 finalists were announced (ranked):

Top 5:
1)Miss Colombia- 9.829
2)Miss Venezuela-9.697
3)Miss Mexico-9.429
4)Miss Dominican Republic-9.036
5)Miss Russia-8.471

Rest of Top 10:
6)Miss Kosovo-8.264
7)Miss Spain-8.200
8)Miss USA-8.050
9)Miss Italy-7.729
10)Miss Australia-7.557

The 5 finalist were down to the final round which is the interview competition. The delegates were asked to pick a name of the judge that will have the chance to ask their final question.

Miss Mexico struggled answering the final question, while Miss Russia's answer was a little bit boring, Miss Dominican Republic and Miss Colombia did a good job. And Miss Venezuela answered great and shown her bubbly personality.

After the final question and the last look at the top 5, the reigning Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori of Japan take her traditional final walk. It's the first time that a Miss Universe make her final walk not wearing a evening gown. Then the crowning of the new Miss Universe was done.

MISS UNIVERSE 2008 - Miss Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza
1st Runner - Up - Miss Colombia, Taliana Vargas
2nd Runner - Up - Miss Dominican Republic, Marianne Cruz Gonzalez
3rd Runner - Up - Miss Russia, Vera Krasova
4th Runner - Up - Miss Mexico, Elisa Najera

Special Awards also given to Miss El Salvador for Miss Congeniality. And Miss Thailand wins Best in National Costume which was voted by the people.

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Anonymous said...

Miss Dominican Republic should have won. While I did not like her dress I felt she answered her question the best. Venenzuela did not even answer her question and I did not even understand the statement that she made, she should have answered in Spanish. I just happened to catch the last few minutes after they annouced the top 5. Really I had been looking for a site so I could comment on how trashy the organization makes these intelligent beautiful women look especially in the photos on their site. Why do they have to pose like that?

"To God be the Glory".