Miss USA Crystle Stewart talks about her fall at Miss Universe

From the recently held Miss Universe 2008 Beauty Pageant at Nha Trang, Vietnam last July 13, Miss USA Crystle Stewart falls on stage during the Top 10 Evening Gown Competition. And what a coincidence because last year's Miss USA Rachel Smith also falls on stage during the same segment. Crystle told in interview that it's just a coincidence that Miss USA falls on stage back to back at Miss Universe. She said that in her case, the bottom of the gown got up under her shoes, but she recovered immediately and clapped.

Rachel Smith placed 4th runner-up in Miss Universe 2007 Beauty Pageant last year in Mexico while Crystle Stewart placed at the top 10 this year. When asked what advice will she give to the next Miss USA, she just told to put grips on her shoes.


"To God be the Glory".