Dayana Mendoza: Life After Being Crowned as Miss Universe

Few moments after being crowned as the new Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela worked immediately and has been very busy doing numerous fashion shoots, press interviews, guesting, dinner parties, and a lot more. Life as a Miss Universe is not all that glamour as she is entitled to be the spokesperson for AIDS/HIV awareness and to become a role model.

"What touched me most is that I will have the opportunity to turn the world in one year... and most specially is that we will work with AIDS throughout the world, trying to grow much more women and, I being Latina, Latina women of course."

Dayana Mendoza was interviewed last July 21 in New York City. Unlike most of the contestants, who made a name for participating and look for new horizons, Dayana Mendoza put aside a promising career as a model for venturing into the demanding Miss Venezuela contest, a prelude to his coronation.

"I had from 15 years working as a model, traveling in different countries around the world, but I wanted to do something as more personal," she explained. "The model sells more of a clothing brand, a product, the Miss Universe has the opportunity to have contact with people, able to interact and show his personality and also felt that that was what he needed. And all I was so good" she added with a smile sincere, almost indelible.

Dayana is the bring home 5th Miss Universe Crown to Venezuela conquering the highest scepter of the international beauty pageant. She had never participated in a competition like this before enlist the Miss Venezuela Contest. The entire experience, she said, "has been a shock."

"Even as I am not your feet on earth. I like that floating in the excitement. The truth is that crowned Miss Universe after 12 years has been ... I would love to have seen my country for a little hole at the time they were crowning me!" the new beauty queen explained.

Her triumph follows the fourth title holder Alicia Machado, a Venezuelan who won the title in 1996 and around which an entire controversy arose because shortly after he had won some pounds.

Dayana says, "I do not know what is the diet of Miss Venezuela, because I have the fortune of not having made any... The truth that I have a metabolism accelerated. Thanks to God, thanks to my mother who inherited it from me. Everyone has a different metabolism."

Asked what beauty tips she can best ever give is take a lot of water, go to the gym and eating healthy.

-- And what do you think of aesthetic surgery? Which they say are common in the competition in your country? "Plastic surgery seems to me that is their own decision. The problem is when you start having surgeries seem to someone else," she responds seriously.

Mendoza, who will go for the first time more than six months away from home, will live next year in an apartment in New York City together with Miss Teen USA, Hilary Cross, and Miss USA, Crystle Stewart.

"Miss USA was one of the candidates with which I could have more contact and I love to share a room with it right now ... We became one family, one months we were together and we are sincere, we are honest."

-- On your own involvement of final coronation night, when you did more than dance and dance behind the scenes. Have you knew you were going to win?

"Yes what I felt in an instant," she confessed, "but I said, 'Dayana, if not pass that recalls the fun, you were in Vietnam, enjoying the culture of 80 different beautiful women ... and that already come this far, you are already a winner".

-- What are you thinking when you and Miss Colombia, Taliana Vargas are the only delegates left and in the final two?

"For me we are Colombia and Venezuela (nations) are sisters. I want my sister, my sister I lent her my shampoo, I laugh with her and sometimes fought, but I want and it is always be my sister."

As one of her passion is interior designing, Mendoza already requested permission to remodel the apartment and said she want to study art because it "is something that I was becoming crazy."

"I will swear! When I came to any room and I'm changing the colour of the walls and I'm changing the location of sofas, I'm changing everything." Dayana said.

In her country, where everyone is organizing a big welcome party. She will travel in September to hand over her crown as Miss Venezuela, said that outweighs the universal.

-- What's your plans after your reign as Miss Universe ends next year?

"It's that I want to do as many things as Oscar Wilde said, 'defined to oneself is limited to oneself.' That's why little by little I will see what God showed me the way I will go and choosing."

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"To God be the Glory".