Highlights of Miss Universe 2008 Preliminaries Part 2

Another lady that's expected to do great which she does is Miss USA. She did good but she was outshined by the other delegates. But Crystle look fierce in the swimsuit and very regal and sophisticated in her evening gown. It's a nice choice for her that she make her hair up in the evening gown competition. It will be no surprise if she enter the semi-finals next week.

On European delegates, their front-runners is Miss Spain and Miss Norway. Miss Spain is good on catwalk. While Miss Norway looks stunning, fresh and natural, but minus for her choice of evening gown. She should have chosen better gown to add for her chances. But both of them deserves to be on the semi-finals.

Watch videos of Miss Spain and Miss Norway:

Miss South Africa is the one to beat and the stood out from the African region, this girl has a lot of spunk and has a great personality on stage. Plus the fact that she looks stunning and regal that night.

Clearly, the crowd's favorite from Asia is Miss Korea and Miss Thailand. Both looks natural, fresh and stunning. Good choice for evening gowns. Although Miss Korea got more catwalk skills than Miss Thailand, but thaiand got an amazing body and towering height. And both of them deserves a slot in the semi-finals.

Who among these early favorites will enter the semi-finals? And who among the rest of the 80 delegates will enter and maybe bring home the crown? Find out on the live telecast on July 14 on NBC.

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