Highlights of Miss Universe 2008 Preliminaries Part 1

Miss Universe 2008 Preliminary Competition was held last July 8 at the Crown Convention Center Nha Trang, Vietnam. The 80 delegates competed in swimsuits and evening gowns and judged by a celebrity panel of judges.

After viewing the whole competition, there's 6 ladies that really stood out and got the most cheer from the crowd: Miss Mexico, Miss Venezuela, Miss Colombia, Miss Thailand, Miss Panama and most surprised to Miss Brazil, although she didn't register beauty to photograph that much, she was one of the best catwalk skills that night and has just the right moves on stage.

Video of Miss Brazil during the swimsuit and evening gown:

But clearly, the toughest battle is between Miss Venezuela and Miss Mexico. Both ladies got that perfect curves, both looking glamorous at their evening gowns. And both have strong personality and model-like catwalk skills. They simply confirmed why they've been on the top of every betting list for weeks now.

Videos of Miss Venezuela during swimsuit and evening gown:

Videos of Miss Mexico during swimsuit and evening gown:

Not forgetting to the battle of the fierce is Miss Colombia. She got the almost perfect body figure, plus a nice choice of pageant dress. Her catwalk is also what made her one of the favorites that night.

Many people have expected that the famous Ingrid Marie Rivera, Miss Puerto Rico will do great. Yes she did good, but not as expected. She lost points during the swimsuit competition, her lower body portion is not proportional to her upper body. And in the evening gown portion, she did better catwalk and nice choice of pageant dress. But it's Puerto Rico, and it's Ingrid, so you never know! At this point she could not even place among the semi-finalists, or she could go all the way and become her island's 6th Miss Universe crown.

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