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Miss World 2010 Beauty Pageant
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Miss Botswana
Emma Wareus

Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Hometown: Gaborone

Emma Wareus was crowned Miss Botswana 2010 contest. She is also the 1st run-up in Miss Botswana 2009.

Emma is working as an Administrative Assistant and attending part time schooling. She is currently enrolling for a Degree in Social Sciences. Hobbies: Sports, Listening to Music and Poetry. Personal Motto: ‘Live, learn, laugh and love. Sometimes you have to stand up when standing is not easy.’

Favourite Music / Books ?
I love contemporary soul music such as Eryka Badu, Indie Arie, Jason Mraz, Flowtry and the likes of them. Such music touches my soul and allows me to escape into a lyrical and rhythmic fantasy. My favourite book would have to be Shades by Marguerite Poland.

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?
When I got the invitation to represent my country at the African Youth Summit, I was ecstatic. I was so proud and overwhelmed that I had been chosen out of all the youth in my country to represent Botswana in such an international summit. That I was going to talk about the problems we face and be heard brought so much joy to my heart. I was chosen to hold the Botswana flag high and learn ways to better my community and country and learn from other youth leaders, exchanging ideas on how to improve our world as whole. That indeed was the proudest moment in my life.

Describe yourself
Strong, proud, independent is who I am, respect is what I answer to by a smile is what I wear always. I encompass solemnity, discipline, modesty and respect and I am a pillar of happiness and thrill for life.

Favourite food ?
I am a food lover and enjoy all cuisines, but I would have to say what does it for me is our national food 'Pap, Sweaa and Morogo'

Do you have any pets ?
I am an animal lover so indeed I have pets. I grew up around German Shepherds, and dogs have always been in my family. I love dogs and currently we only have one dog left with us called 'Brownie'. I strongly believe that animals are a crucial part in a human's life; we need other companions besides our fellow humans to share joyous, sad and emotional moments. Pets just always seem to be the unsurpassed frend and the best listeners.

Future ambitions ?
To one day become a UN goodwill Ambassador for helping disadvantaged people around the world and giving them comfort and hope to keep striving even through hardships. To be the pedestal of hope to the people of my country by having the advantage of being a part of an international organisation to give back, and serve my country.

Special Talents ?
I am a performing artist, storyteller, poet and movement dancer. I am a motivational speaker and debater. I believe that I am an instrument of nature.

Tell us a little something about your Country ?
Botswana is a simply unique semi arid country, nestled between the great Kalshari Desert in the South West and the breathtaking mystical Okavango Delta in the North. With a population of about 1.9 million, we have 12 cultural tribes with vast captivating wild animal reserves, rich flora and fauna and a vast well of minerals such as diamonds that pride our economy. With our rich culture, stable economy, bravura landscapes and heartfelt history, we are a country that encompasses humility, ethics and togetherness. Botswana is a country of morals, respect and pride. It is truly a beautiful peaceful country that has earned its name in the global village.


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