Beauty with a Purpose | Miss World 2014

Miss World 2014 Beauty with a Purpose

Miss World 2014 Beauty With a Purpose Gala Dinner took place on the night of November 30 in London. The 10 most outstanding projects for this year were announced, and they are:

* Brazil - Julia Gama

* Guyana - Rafieya Husain

* India - Koyal Rana

* Indonesia - Maria Sastrayu

* Kenya - Idah Nguma

* Bolivia - Andrea Forfori

* England - Carina Tyrrell

* Netherlands - Tatjana Maul

* Philippines - Valerie Weigmann

* South Africa - Rolene Strauss

The auction with gifts taken to London by the 124 candidates also took place, raising over $20 thousand pounds for charities supported by Beauty With a Purpose. In addition to that, Miss World 1953, Denise Perrier of France, donated the trophy she won when elected Miss World, 61 years ago. It was sold for $30 thousand pounds!

The winner of the Beauty with a Purpose will be announced during the final telecast.

Miss World 2014 Beauty with a Purpose

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