Nana Meriwether crowned as the new Miss USA 2012

Miss USA 2012 winner Maryland Nana Meriwether

Due to the victory of USA's Olivia Culpo as the winner of Miss Universe 2012 which was held in Las Vegas last December 19, Miss USA 2012 1st run-up Nana Meriwether will officially take over the title. She was crowned by Olivia together with Donald Trump at the Trump Tower in New York last January 8, 2012.

“They’re brilliant, they’re really into charity and the world of charity, and they’re phenomenal people. They’re very solid. In many cases, they went to the best colleges. In the case of Nana, she was a great athlete—a volleyball player [at UCLA]” said Trump about his new titleholder.

Meriwether, who is now 27 years of age from Maryland became the 2nd Miss USA titleholder from Maryland (the other being Leona Gage in 1957, who was later dethroned). Nana will take over Culpo’s old job and will serve as spokesperson for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Research and Awareness.

Miss Teen USA 2012 Logan West was present at the event. Trump also announced that Miss USA 2013 will be chosen in June.

Miss USA 2012 winner Maryland Nana Meriwether


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