Miss Gabon 2013 is Ruth Jennifer Ondo Mouchita

Miss Gabon 2013 winner  Ruth Jennifer Ondo Mouchita

20 year old Ruth Jennifer Ondo Mouchita from Haut-Ogooue was crowned Miss Gabon 2013 during a beauty pageant held last December 22, 2012 in Libreville.

Jennifer stands 5'11.5" tall and will compete representing Gabon in Miss Universe 2013 contest.

Finished as the 1st run-up was 20 year old Brunilla Novela Ekoumbi Moussadingo from Moyen-Ogooue. She stands 5'9" tall and will compete in Miss World 2013 on September 14 in Sentul International Convention Center in Sentul, Bogor, Indonesia.

In 2nd run-up place was Reilly Darniche Mboumba Makaya who will compete in Miss International 2013 competition.

And lastly, the 3rd run-up was Hilary Ondo from Woleu-Ntem. She will go to the Miss Supranational 2013 event.

Miss Gabon 2013 winner  Ruth Jennifer Ondo Mouchita


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