Miss All Nations 2012 is Daria Patkova (Belarus)

Miss All Nations 2012 winners Sanja Urosevic, Daria Patkova and Fay Li

The annual Miss All Nations 2012 contest took place last September 9 at the Regalia Resort & Spa, Nanjing Qinhuai River in Nanjing, China. The beautiful Daria Patkova from Belarus was announced as the new winner during the event. She is 20 years old and stands 177cm tall.

Close to the title was the 1st run-up, Sanja Urosevic from Serbia. The 2nd run-up position went Beijing China's Fay Li.

Completing the finalists were: Tayla Skye Robinson (South Africa), Davids Lisa Joy (New Zealand), Anna Dimitrova (Bulgaria), Andrade Nievas Alejandra Elisa (Australia), Santa Serzante (Latvia), He Yu Ting (China Shanghai), Maria Carmen Lacambra Ayang (Spain) and Sun Hui Hui (China Hong Kong).

A set of SPECIAL AWARDS was given to deserving contestants:

* Miss Friendship – Cheryl Desiree Chan (Singapore)

* Miss Talent – Alexandra Ksiazekova (Slovak Republic)

* Miss Charm – Kira Krasnova (Russia)

* Best Evening Gown – Qi Xue Zi (China)

* Miss Internet Popular – Yanet Garcia-Rodriguez (America)

* Miss Bikini – Joice Mary Ferreira De Oliveira (Brazil)

* Miss Body Beauty – Anna Sopkalova (Siberia)

* Miss Photogenic – Sanja Urosevic (Serbia)

* Best National Costume – Darys Loreinys Saez Vega (Panama)

* Miss Eco-Tourism – Ana Catarina Rodrigues Da Cunha (Portugal)

* Miss Charity – Adriana Grisell Hernandez Caceres (Mexico)


"To God be the Glory".