Alessandro Izzo wins Mister Germany 2010

mister germany 2010 winner alessandro izzo

19 year old Alessandro Izzo was named Mister Germany 2010 in a pageant held on November 27 at the Bergheimer MEDIO.RHEIN ERFT.

The 1st run-up was Mister Bremen, George Bull (29). And the 2nd run-up was Mister Niedersachsen, Max Eichler (23)

Alessandro Izzo is a student is living in Hockenheim (famous for the annually Formula 1 Racing) and is still unmarried. He will represent Germany in the next edition of Mister World contest.

All winners took home numerous awards and beauty products from JOOP BODY WEAR, A gem worth 1000 / 500 € from Hornfex, hair care products of C 3 hairdressers, vouchers from Lacomed, a pearl necklace worth 5000 € from gem market, perfume and other prizes.

Highlight of the pageant was the performance of the Echo Award winner Franca Morgano who sang 3 songs.

The 14-member jury was presented with the others: Echo Award winner Franca Morgano, Hans Jürgen Schäfer (Chef of BILD Newspaper Cologne), Yahya Firat (owner of Club Diamonds), Oliver Mik (fastest cook in Germany), Miss Argentina 2010 Johanna Lasic, Turkay Yegenoglu (owner of the C3 hairdressers from Bochum), broker celebrity Sandra Owok (VOX, “rent, buy, live”), “Forbidden love – TV Star” Marcel Spang and others.

mister germany 2010 winner alessandro izzo


"To God be the Glory".