Arianna David: A tribute to Italian Goddesses

Here's a tribute to three spectacular ladies from Italy who have made a mark in the pageant world during the recent decades. They happen to be among the most spectacular women to ever grace the Miss Universe stage in recent decades and they are among my favorites too.

1994. Manila, Philippines was the venue of the pageant and the country went crazy when 77 spectacular women from all over the world gathered together for the Miss Universe 1994 Pageant. The month-long festivities put the country to a feast of beautiful women. One of these was 20-year old Arianna David from Rome, Italy. She charmed her way to the top 10 and displayed one of the most unforgettable evening gown presentations of all time. Donning a black evening wear with a hood, she was also a sight to behold- heavenly, elegant, and classy! Let's relive those Arianna David moments.

Arianna David during her stint at the Miss Universe 1994 Contest.

Arianna David as a popular top model and celebrity.

Her Miss Universe experience exaulted her modeling skills and gave Arianna the chance to be appreciated by the best fashion designers.

From beauty pageants to catwalks, busy and at that time very blonde Arianna still grows passion and interest for television that leads her to the conduction of a very popular summer TV show called Un disco per l'estate with Claudio Cecchetto and Martina Colombari.

In 1995 David goes back to roots: this time the founder of Miss Italia patron Mirigliani wants her on the stage of the competition as the presenter.

In 1997 Antonio Ricci wants her to be the Hostess of Estatissima Sprint.

From this moment the transformation in Arianna's look leaves us breathless: a very short haircut frames her beautiful face and most of all, her hair are now dark. A deep change far from the stereotype of a Miss: the one we were used to.
This was the time for Arianna to go on a higher level and she decided to retire from the scenes for three years in order to study languages, diction and acting.
The strength she pulled out from this period was awarded with the participation at the theatrical tournée of La presidentessa directed by Fernando Balestra. On tv she took part in the fiction Le ragazze di Miss Italia and then in the fiction A casa di Anna with Virna Lisi.

2005 was a very important year for her carreer. Arianna David took part of the famous reality show La Isola dei famosi (La Isola di Famosa) where she was very appriciated not only for her beauty but also for her strenght and tenacity, skills that made her stay in the show almost untill the end.

Today she is the testimonial of several important fashion brands. Her life beautifully matches work with family. She happily lives with Marco her boyfriend, their little son Tommaso born January 2005 and the last born Gregorio.

The best has yet to come for the gorgeous Arianna David. She sees in her coming future a TV-show able to value her irony and sympathy often blinded by her amazing beauty.

A tribute to Italian Goddesses
Roberta Capua   Denny Mendez


"To God be the Glory".