Roberta Capua: A tribute to Italian Goddesses

Here's a tribute to three spectacular ladies from Italy who have made a mark in the pageant world during the recent decades. They happen to be among the most spectacular women to ever grace the Miss Universe stage in recent decades and they are among my favorites too.

1987. Singapore was stunned by the enigmatic beauty that was Roberta Capua from Naples. I thought it was her and I will always say that she should have won that year. She was a sight to behold in the evening gown competition with that dark red evening gown. She was the perfect picture of elegance, class, and ethereal beauty. What made her even memorable? Her quip to host Bob Barker's question, "What is the first thing you will do as soon as you get back to Italy?". Roberta quickly replied, "I will eat pasta". She must have missed it a lot. Let's have flash back to that memorable years.

Roberta Capua, from Naples as Miss Italy 1986 with her mother Miss Italia 1959 Marisa Jose.

At the Miss Universe 1987 Pageant in Singapore.

Roberta Capua as a popular actress and television personality in her country.

She attends the TV, Sport, Cinema And Music Italian Awards at the Auditorium in Rome.

After Miss Universe Contest, Roberta continued her career as a model she is now conducting tv programs for the Mediaset network.

A tribute to Italian Goddesses
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"To God be the Glory".