Miss Intercontinental 2009 Contestants (Page 1)

The Miss Intercontinental 2009 Beauty Contest will be chosen during a spectacular show in Minsk. The most beautiful girls from all over the world will travel to Belarus what means "White Russia" in September 27.

The World Beauty Organization Panama and 2-nd National Tv Channel will introduce a grand show. The Miss Intercontinental Pageant, which started off in 1971, is in the top five of the most prestigious beauty competitions in the world. The challenge prize – a crown made of platinum with 720 diamonds, worth about $361 thousand, is thought to be the most expensive crown of all beauty pageants.

The 2-nd National Tv Channel (ONT) has a great experience in creating striking and impressive television projects, entertaining programs, sport broadcasts and licensed shows.

One of the presenters of the Final will be the winner of the Eurovision 2009 contest Alexander Rybak.

There are a total of 55 beautiful Contestants participating this year: (Batch 1)

Miss Afghanistan
Zallascht Sadat

Miss Armenia
Lilit Nersisyan

Miss Australia
Erin Gleeson

Miss Austria
Helena Duchonova

Miss Bahamas
Dashanique Poitier

Miss Belarus
Maryia Yesman

Miss Bolivia
Adriana Barahona

Miss Brazil
Camilla Brant

Miss Canada
Nelly Hadi

Miss Colombia
Veronica Velasquez

Miss Curacao
Mc Keyla Richards

Miss Czech Republic
Zina Stovickova

Miss Denmark
Lyudmilla Bakhur

Miss El Salvador
Iris Martinez

Miss Estonia
Kadri Nogu

Miss Ethiopia
Hiwot Assefa Tesfaye

Miss Finland
Elsi Soulanen

Miss Georgia
Lika Orjonikidze

Miss Germany
Svetlana Tsys

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