Top 10 Semi - Finalists of Bb. Pilipinas 1997

From 33 contestants competing for the title, only the top 10 candidates will be competing in the semi-finals. And the lucky 10 are:

(#01) Maureen Aleia Alcantara, 5'5", Dagupan City, Pangasinan
(#02) Rosario Gonzalez, 5'5", Manila
(#11) Rochelle Ong, 5'6", Pamapanga & Quezon City
(#12) Joanne Golong, 5'6", Tacloban City, Leyte
(#14) Susan Jane Ritter, 21, 5'6", Zamboanga
(#15) Abiele Arianne del Moral, 17, 5'6", Angeles
(#21) Marivic Galang, 19, 5'7", Caloocan City & Pampanga
(#31) Germaine Christine Asuncion, 23, 5'10", North America
(#32) Kristine Rachel Florendo, 21, 5'9", Quezon City
(#33) Abbygale Williamson Arenas, 22, 5'10", Angeles

For the first part of the semi-finals, the chosen delegates will compete for the swimsuit competition. They will be judged on poise and fitness.

Next is the interview round, the delegates will be interviewed casually by the host of the pageant, Martin Nievera. They are judges according to their answers, wit and charm.

The last part of the semi-finals is the evening gown competition. They are to be judged with their poise, personal style, elegance and grace. Then, the scores will be averaged and will announce the top 5 finalists who will proceed to the last part of the beauty contest.

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