Miss Uruguay Universe 2009 Official Contestants

Miss Uruguay Universe 2009 (Miss Uruguay Universo) Beauty Pageant will be held on February 28. There are 15 lovely candidates who will compete for the crown. Paula Diaz Gallione, the reigning Miss Uruguay Universe 2008 will crown her successor. The winner will be sent to compete at the Miss Universe 2009 Contest.

*** Nadia Theodoluz won Miss Uruguay Universe 2004 but couldn´t compete in Miss Universe 2004 as she was 5 days too young. Therefore her 1st run-up Nicole Dupont was sent to compete.

Meet the 15 lovely candidates:

Ana Laura Santana

Andrea de Armas

Cintia Dottone

Isabela Sparapaglione

Johana Rivas

Karen Gutierrez

Nadia Teodulos

Patricia Callero

Rocio Torres

Rosario Cabrera

Sabrina Martinez

Silvana Giordano

Sofia Alberti

Sofia Scarenzio

Valentina Fernandez

The Winners


"To God be the Glory".