Max Krzyzanowski of Ireland wins Mister Gay World 2009

Mr. Ireland, Max Krzyzanowski wins the title of the first ever Mister Gay World 2009 Contest held last February 8 at Whistler Canada. Max is 37 years old and loves to play the piano and guitar, reading, cycling, current affairs, crosswords and combat sports. He runs a security for a private club in Dublin city, and also instruct Muay Thai kickboxing.

"I want to take part because it is a unique opportunity to see and experience the Gay community working on an international stage to further the cause of equality.

I hope that I might be considered suitable for the role of Mr Gay World, in part, for the experience I bring to the position.

In my professional life, the qualities of patience, respect and steadfastness under pressure have become my ethos, and I hope these traits are sought-after qualities for Mr Gay World."
He says.
Complete results:
Mr. Gay World 2009 - Mister Ireland, Max Krzyzanowski
1st run- up - Mister Paraguay, Alexis Cespedes
2nd run-up - Mister Mexico, Pico Velasco Michel
3rd run-up - Mister Australia, Ben Edwards
4th run-up - Mister New Zealand, Reece Karena
5th run-up - Mister Canada, Darren Bruce

Special Awards:
Mr. Gay Photogenic - Mister Argentina, Victor Marcelo Benitez
Mr. Gay Leadership - Mister Australia, Ben Edwards
Mr. Gay Congeniality - Mister Colombia, Francisco Javier Ortega
Mr. Gay Popularity - Mister Philippines, Wilbert Tolentino
Best in National Costume - Mister Philippines, Wilbert Tolentino

Official Contestants


"To God be the Glory".