Controversial Beauty Queens

Alicia Machado - Miss Universe 1996
Ever since being elected as Miss Universe 1996, the scandals keep chasing Alicia. During her reign she suffered weight problems and, in order to keep the title, she was forced by Donald Trump to diet and exercise. In 2005, she participated in a Spanish reality show called 'La Granja' (The Farm) where she was severely criticized for having sex with one of her roommates in front of the cameras. She has posed nude for both the Mexican edition of Playboy (in 1996) and for the American one (October 2007), something a Miss Universe titleholder had never done before.

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza - Miss Universe 2006
While she was being crowned as Miss Universe 2006, the Puerto Rican beauty fainted due to nervousness, heat and exhaustion. Months later she was criticized for gaining weight so she had to diet. In June 2007, she was forced to leave an airplane because she insulted a flight attendant. She defended herself saying that is was all a misunderstanding. She was also linked to a Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas. (Click Here for the whole story).

Ingrid Marie Rivera - Miss World 2005 2nd run-up / Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2007
During Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008 contest, she claimed that someone had sabotaged her clothes and makeup with pepper spray, causing her a bloated face and a nasty rash. After an investigation, police confirmed that she was telling the truth.

Denise Marie Quinones August - Miss Universe 2001
Miss Universe 2001 was another beauty queen with weight issues. The Puerto Rican native was questioned a lot about it for a while, but she always kept her cool and tried not to give it too much thought. Nowadays, she looks stunning.

Hannelys Quintero - Miss Venezuela Mundo (World) 2007
As she was being crowned Miss Venezuela World 2007, she was startled when a man jumped onstage and with no apparent reason, took the crown and started joking around. This guy was quickly taken away and the incident was just a quick, awkward moment.

Christina Silva - Dethroned Miss California USA 2008
She had only been enjoying the title of Miss California for 4 days when the producers of the beauty pageant stated that there had been a mistake counting the votes so she was dethroned. Silva stated that she was being discriminated for her Latin roots.


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