The Winner Of International Man 2007

The very first International Man 2007 event was held at Bali, Indonesia as eleven handsome and fit men of different nation competed. Bali has also welcomed the 10 Mister Indonesia finalists, and the winner of the 2007 Mister Indonesia contest, which took place one day before International Man (winner was Reinaldo Samosir), joined the international team of male stunners and now fights for the international title as well.
The eleven candidates of International Man 2007 were from:

Brazil (Lucas Gil); China (Jemmy Jin Yin Yan); England (Douglas Roy Elson); Fernando de Noronha (Jonas Caetano)
Greece (Manos Petrou); Indonesia (Reinaldo Samosir); Japan (Yuki Mizano)
Philippines (Michael Raymond Tan); Puerto Rico (Samuel Camacho Diaz); Singapore (Mark Tan); Sweden (Taro Alexander Nordmark)
Ever since they've arrived in Bali, contestants have been treated with the best it has to offer to its visitors: gorgeous beaches, exquisite local cuisine, first-class spa treatments and a variety of sports activities, like swimming and even rock climbing!

November 18, 2007, Mister Sweden, Taro Alexander Nordmark, won the title leaving behind 10 international delegates. The first International man is 1.90 m tall and is half Swedish, half Chinese/Japanese.

The first runner-up was the hometown delegate, Mister Indonesia, Reinaldo Samosir. Lucas Gil of Brazil finished as 2nd runner-up.

The other two finalists were the representatives of China, Jemmy Jin Yin Yan, and Fernando de Noronha, Jonas Caetano.


"To God be the Glory".