Miss Earth 2007 Crowning

The Beauty Pageant started with 88 delegates with a background of tourists spots of thier own native country as they introduced themselves in a video. The event were hosted by MTV Vj Greg "Utt" Uttsada and Miss Earth 2004 from Brazil, Priscilla Meirelles. Then, they announced the Special Awards:

Miss Friendship: LEBANON Amale Al-Khoder
Miss Talent: LITHUANIA Monica Baliunaite
Best in National Costume: THAILAND Jiriporn Singie-am
Miss Photogenic: PHILIPPINES Jeanne Harn
Best in Long Gown: VENEZUELA Silvana Santaella
Best in Swimsuit: VENEZUELA Silvana Santaella

After the announcement of the awards, the top 16 quarter-finalists were chosen:

1. PERU - Odilia Pamela Garcia Pineda
2. MARTINIQUE - Elodie Delor
3. SPAIN - Angela Gomez Duran
4. GEORGIA - Nanka Mamasakhlisi
5. INDIA - Pooja Chitgopekar
6. NIGERIA - Stacey Garvy
7. ROMANIA - Alina Gheorge
8. SWITZERLAND - Stephanie Gossweiler
9. VENEZUELA - Silvana Santaella
10. CZECH REPUBLIC - Eva Ceresnakova
11. THAILAND - Jiraporn Singie-am
12. SOUTH AFRICA - Bokang Montjane
13. LEBANON - Amale Al Khoder
14. SWEDEN - Ivana Gagula
15. CANADA - Jessica Trisko
16. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Themys Febriel

It's good and expected that Miss Venezuela (ofcourse) were part of the top 16, also Miss Georgia, Miss India, Miss Peru and Miss Thailand. Some surprises were Miss Nigeria, Switzerland, South Africa and Lebanon. And what a shock that Misses Philippines, Brazil, and USA didnt make the cut.

The Top 16 quater - finalists walked and strut their stuff in the swimsuit competition, after which will be calling out the choices for the Top 8 semi-finalists:

1. GEORGIA - Nanka Mamasakhlisi
2. PERU - Odilia Pamela Garcia Pineda
3. CANADA - Jessica Trisko
4. INDIA - Pooja Chitgotpekar
5. SWITZERLAND - Stephanie Gossweiler
6. VENEZUELA - Silvana Santaella
7. THAILAND - Jiraporn Singie-am
8. SPAIN - Angela Gomez Duran

In the swimsuit competition, Miss Georgia was so seductive, Miss peru were sweet and pretty, Miss India has a good catwalk, Miss Spain was so exotic and reminds me of Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova of Canada. Miss Venezuela has a great body as she won the Best in Swimsuit award. Surprise for me were Switzerland again and Thailand. Misses Martinique, Dominican and Czech Republic also did good in that segment.

The top 8 semi-finalists had an interview with Vj Utt. Miss India, Miss Canada and Miss Spain made a great impression as they answer the question. Then, the semi-finalists done for the evening gown competition. As the judges had picked their Top 4 Finalists:

1. INDIA - Pooja Chitgopekar
2. SPAIN -Angela Gomez Duran
3. VENEZUELA - Silvana Santaella
4. CANADA - Jessica Trisko

The Top 4 Finalists were all deserved to be there but it's so hard to choose because of the stunning Miss Georgia and Miss Peru was left out. As the evening progress, the reigning Miss Earth 2006, Chile's Hil Hernandez made her very emotional final walk and it really touches my heart while she cries. After that, the final question as the scores of each delegate go back to zero:
And the final question is "How will you describe the beauty of Mother Nature to a blind child?"

Spain - "It's the wonderful feeling of smelling and feeling the cascading river."

India - "I like him to feel the color of Mother Earth, the beauty of sunset and the blue ocean"

Venezuela - "I will make him lie down to feel the earth, to feel love with nature."

Canada - "Nature smells as sweet as the rose, soft as the softest leaves, to hear the singing of birds in the trees."

All of them gave their best answer and Misses India and Canada really "wowed" the crowd. After that, another award was given to Miss South Africa, Bokang Montjane and she recieved the Beauty for a Cause Award. Then the judges had their ranking of the finalists and the brand new Miss Earth 2007:

Miss Earth 2007 - CANADA Jessica Trisko

Miss Air 2007 - INDIA Pooja Chitgopekar

Miss Water 2007 - VENEZUELA Silvana Santaella

Miss Fire 2007 - SPAIN Angela Gomez Duran

(Photo left to right) Venezuela, Canada, India, Spain


"To God be the Glory".