Watch Miss World 2007 Candidates Light The Passion

The English version of the song, "Light the Passion Share the Dream", composed by a renowned musican Chris Babida, will follow the same style as the Chinese version, which debuted on April 26 at the unveiling of the planned Olympic Torch Relay route, to provide warm feeling and light the passion for the audience.

The beauties were divided into several groups to take turns for the recroding and the MV production. During the break, they also had the chance to taste the Chinese dumplings.

"I have been so excited to be in Beijing ... We have been in the recording studio all morning, trying to get this song done. And there's been work but it's kind of fun." Miss America said, adding that being associated with the Olympics is incredible and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Miss Nigeria said, "It is an honor for me as a contestant of the Miss World Pageant and a citizen of Nigeria to be a part of this memorable, prestigious event of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. And I am very happy to be here and I wish everybody who takes part in this Olympics good luck, and best wishes from Nigeria."

The recording and the MV will be ready at the end of this month and will be performed for the first time early December at the final of the 57th Miss World Pageant in Sanya, Hainan.

The beauties were invited by the Office for the Campaign to Solicit Songs for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the Press Commission of the Chinese Olympic Committee, and Zhengzhou Synear Food Joint-Stock Co., Ltd -- the Frozen Dumplings Exclusive Supplier of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

The Beijing 2008 Olympic torch relay will start in nearly four months, as the Olympic Flame will be lit in Olympia, Greece according to tradition on March 25, 2008. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay will traverse the longest distance, cover the greatest area and include the largest number of people.


"To God be the Glory".