Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark wins Mister World 2014

Mister World 2014 winner Denmark Nicklas Pedersen

23 year old Mr. Denmark, Nicklas Pedersen wins Mr. World 2014 with a fantastic presentation and the best speech, Denmark beat the odds and became a deserving winner. The event was held at the Riviera International Conference Center in Torquay, England on June 15.

The first runner-up was Emmanuel Ifeanyichukwu Ikubese (Nigeria), who was the biggest surprise of this year´s pageant, while the second runner-up was Jose Pablo Minor Medrano (Mexico).

Zuemerik Clementino Richard Veeris (Curaçao), Jordan Paul Rhys Williams (England), Prateik Jain (India), Valeriu Gutu (Moldova), Demian Overduyn (Netherlands), Alberto Horacio Martínez Kezner (Puerto Rico), and Bohdan Iusypchuk (Ukraine) completed the top ten semi-finalists.

England, India, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Ukraine were selected to the top ten through the panel of judges. Curaçao, Denmark, Moldova, Netherlands and Nigeria were fast-tracked into the top ten by winning a series of challenge events: Extreme Sports, Multimedia, Talent, Sportsman and Style. Mister World Extreme Sportsman 2014 was Valeriu Gutu (Moldova), Mister World Multimedia 2014 was Demian Overduyn (Netherlands), Mister World Talent 2014 was Zuemerik Clementino Richard Veeris (Curaçao), Mister World Sportsman 2014 was Nicklas Pedersen (Denmark) and Mister World Style 2014 was Emmanuel Ifeanyichukwu Ikubese (Nigeria).

Mister World 2014 winner Denmark Nicklas PedersenMister World 2014 winner Denmark Nicklas PedersenMister World 2014 winner Denmark Nicklas Pedersen

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* Mister World 2014 Venue: Devon, England


"To God be the Glory".