Nevada's Nia Sanchez wins Miss USA 2014

Miss USA 2014 winner Nevada Nia Sanchez

24 year old Nia Sanchez from Las Vegas, Nevada was crowned as the new Miss USA 2014 held at the Baton Rouge River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana last June 8.

Standing 1.75m tall, Nia will be the official entry of USA in Miss Universe 2014 pageant later this December.

The first runner-up was Audra Mari (North Dakota), the second runner-up was Tiana Griggs (Georgia), the third runner-up was Brittany Alyson Guidry (Louisiana), the fourth runner-up was Brittany Oldehoff (Florida) and the fifth runner-up was Carlyn Bradarich (Iowa), who was voted via Twitter by fans online to advance into the top 5.

Cassandra Kunze (California), Taylor Burton (Maryland), Christina Zapolski (South Carolina) and Bishara Dorre (Wisconsin) completed the top ten semifinalists.

Jesica Ahlberg (Alabama), Jordan Wesselwere (Arizona), Mekayla Diehl (Indiana), Haley O'Brien (Minnesota), Amanda Soltero (Nebraska), Emily Shah (New Jersey), Brooklynne Young (Oklahoma), Valerie Gatto (Pennsylvania), Kristy Landers Niedenfuer (Tennessee) and Arielle Sage Rosmarino (Virginia) were the top twenty quarterfinalists.

Cassandra Kunze (California) was selected as Miss Photogenic and Christina Palavra (Rhode Island) became Miss Congeniality.

Miss USA 2014 winner Nevada Nia Sanchez

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