Meet Scandinavia's Bets for Miss Supranational 2013

Miss Supranational 2013 Sweden Sabina Claesson, Iceland Fanney Ivarsdottir, Denmark Alexandria Essinger

A special competition event took place at the cruise Silja line in Stockholm where 40 Scandinavian gorgeous women competed at the pageant.

22 year old Sabina Claesson from Stockholm was named Miss Supranational Sweden 2013. She stands 5'9.5" tall.

Crowned as Miss Supranational Iceland 2013 was 21 year old Fanney Ivarsdottir from Reykjavik. She stands tall at 5'9" and was a former Miss Iceland and competed in Miss World 2010.

Emerged as Miss Supranational Denmark 2013 winner was Alexandria Essinger from Copenhagen. She is 23 year old beauty who stands tall at 5'8".

The chosen winners will represent their respective countries in the upcoming Miss Supranational 2013 contest which was scheduled to take place on September 6 at the Sport's Palace in Minsk, Belarus.


"To God be the Glory".