Is Dayana Mendoza & Donald Trump having an Affair?

Dayana Mendoza and Donald Trump romance relationship
A possible romantic affair between the former Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza and pageant owner and real estate magnate Donald Trump was written to blog of Eddy Martin in his Yahoo! column "Lo que te Perdiste" (What you missed).

Donald nominated Dayana as a contestant in the recently finished NBC show "Celebrity Apprentice". She also served as one of the judges in Miss USA 2012 beauty pageant in Las Vegas. According to some of Mendoza's followers in Twitter, there are comments that Trump sees her as "more than a friend" and that they are engaged in a love affair which would explain his special treatment towards the beauty queen.

Other fans opinion was even more drastic as the back-to-back win of Dayana and Stefania Fernandez in 2008-2009 could have been a gift of Trump to Mendoza to prove his love.

Meanwhile, Dayana denied the rumors via twitter and replied "NO!" to a blogger post: "Dayana Mendoza could be very much in love with multimillionaire business man Donald Trump. Could it be true?"

* Thanks to Eddie Martin


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