Rochelle Maria Rao - Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2012

Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2012 Rochelle Maria RaoPantaloons Femina Miss India 2012 Rochelle Maria RaoPantaloons Femina Miss India 2012 Rochelle Maria Rao
Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2012 Beauty Pageant

Rochelle Maria Rao

Height :5'7"

Vital Statistics : 32-23-36

Place of birth : Chennai

Crowned: PFMI South 2012 1st run-up

Profession : Anchor

Relationship Status : single

College: M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Woman

Interests : I love nature, exploring new cuisines and meeting new people, apart from doing social work, reading, music and traveling

A quote or saying that has had profound impact on you
If you don't stand for something, you would fall for anything

What gives you a high?
The stage and watching an underprivileged child taste a plum for the first time

One law you would like to break ...
Wish we could travel anywhere without visa or passport

If you win Miss India, what would be your first big splurge ?
Probably a long vacation abroad!

Best pick up line you have ever heard?
If you let me, I will treat you like the goddess you are

Rate in order of priority the three qualities every woman must possess
Confidence, elegance which is not artificial, intelligence

A tune you cannot get out of your mind ...
'Moves Like Jagger' by Maroon 5

The weirdest thing you have ever tasted
Stingray - I loved it!

The last movie that made you cry:
Jesus 2000, only spiritual movies make me cry

Rate in order of personal preference the three qualities you admire in a man
He should be confident
He should be talkative as I love to talk a lot
He should be able to dance with me or sing well for me

If a star were to give a solo performance for you, whom would you prefer and why?
I would have liked Patrick Swayze to do a solo, but I suppose that dream shall never materialize now. Rest his soul.

What is the craziest rumour you have heard about yourself? .
That I was going to become a nun

How can you be sure whether a guy is the right man for you?
He should work well with me, we should enjoy each other, we should be able to ignore each others quirks, and finally we should be a good team together.

With which celebrity would you like to go on a vacation...
Johnny Depp

Do you think live-in is a good way to check out a relationship
No, you loose respect for each other, when you live together without the security of wedding vows, it will never lead to marriage

If you were to give one bit of advice to the youth today, what would that be?
Slow down, enjoy every moment, pay a little more attention to those around you, whom you could help with very little effort.

Your body to you means...
Temple of God, meant to do his work on earth

A man's most attractive physical feature...
His eyes

One word in which you would like to be described to a guy...
Absolute fun

Favorite Actor :
Johnny Depp

Favorite Movies:
Now and then

Love is...
Understanding + compromise with an amazing result

Food is ...
My life

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"To God be the Glory".